Your garage door is an important feature of your home that increases the elegance of your home. In the past, wood was the only material generally used for these gates, with or without paneling. But times change, and nowadays, people are using composite materials for their garage doorway. If you are looking at replacing your garage entry door, then you can consider a composite material that will have a lifetime guarantee.
What are Composite Doors?
The term composite means a mixture of materials. A composite garage doorway is made of recycled wood chippings with an insulated core of polystyrene. The composite fibers are durable and the insulated core means that you can cut down on your energy bills. The outer sheeting of the door will be made of urethane and cellulose, preventing rotting of the wood composite. Composite doors are available in a wide range of colors as well as styles, which means that painting them is unnecessary. The color you choose can work in harmony with your home, and with your composite door, you need not to worry anymore about those old-fashioned heavy wooden doors.
More plus points to Colonial House Garage Doors composite doors
1. These modern type doors are very secure, being fitted with a good security system.
2. These doors are low maintenance and you will not have to worry about them like you do on your traditional doors.
3. They will endure all weather conditions including heavy rainfall.
4. The coloring of the door will Garage Door Wood Overlay Diy never fade, lasting a lifetime.
5. They are really great for the environment.
6. They have great insulation properties.
7. These kinds of doors are very versatile.
8. These doors enjoy a lifetime warranty.
There are really a lot of reasons why these doors are preferable when compared to traditional wooden entry doorways. The doors are durable and require low maintenance and are great value for money. This type of entry way also does not suffer from deformations. Composite doors can be designed with the individual needs of the customer in consideration. You may still be reluctant to swap to a composite door, but they really do have all the qualities of wooden doors. The door has all the features of a wooden door and is very great to look at.
Composite doors really are an excellent choice for both durability and maintenance. These doors can also be installed by yourself; thanks to their lighter weight properties, but you will need the instructions and some knowledge in order to perform the task.

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