What You Get For Your Money With an Electric Tile Cutter

There is an expression that says you get what you pay for and, in some cases, that is definitely true. When it comes to buying an electric tile cutter, it is important for a handyman to decide exactly what he needs out of the cutter before deciding how much he should spend on it. A great way to start figuring it out is by seeing what kinds of cutters are available within different price ranges.

For someone who does work around the house as a hobby or to save money, an expensive commercial tile cutter is not necessary. For those little do it yourself projects, the QEP Seven Inch Tile Saw is a great option. It is capable of cutting ceramic tile in addition to slate, marble and granite. Users can purchase a porcelain blade separately that will also enable the saw to cut porcelain. This handy little tool can be purchased for only $72.

If someone is ready for a tool that is slightly more advanced, they may want to invest in something like the Ryobi Li-Ion Handheld Tile Saw. This saw can be used to cut ceramic, granite, masonry products and marble, in addition to being able to remove grout. It features oversized knobs that make it easy to adjust even with work gloves on and can be purchased very reasonably for one-hundred and sixty-eight dollars.

For a professional tile worker or amateur who wants the very best, the Rigid R4090 is one of the best tile cutters on the market. This portable tile cutter can cut a twenty-four inch tile without the use of clamps. It features three positions for the cutting head so that complete and accurate cuts can be made anywhere on the tile and the adjustable speeds make it perfect for cutting any hard material. This saw is one of the best available, but it will set someone back about $900.

When it comes time to buy an electric tile cutter, it is important for the consumer to think about what they hope to accomplish with the cutter and how much they are willing to spend. There are very affordable options available for someone who only needs a basic model. If someone is willing to spend a bit more, they will be able to find a tile cutter that will fulfill every possible cutting need.

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