When tidying your house and garden, the thought of cleaning your garage door never crosses your mind. Your garage, yes, but not the actual door. It may surprise you that a simple wipe down every now and again will give your roller garage door a much longer usage life.
Weather proof paint –
There is no point in trying to keep your door clean if it is going to get damaged by the weather anyway. If you are unsure whether your garage has been painted with weatherproof paint then have a closer look, has the paint begun to chip away? Is there any rust showing? If this is the case then the answer is probably no and you will need to repaint the whole roller garage door. This may seem like a huge inconvenience but in the long run it will be worthwhile. As long as you choose a dry sunny day it shouldn’t take too long.
The odd wipe Garage Door Insulation Blanket down –
If you occasionally wipe down your roller door this will prevent a build up of any dust, dirt or grime around the mechanism areas of your door. All you need is a damp cloth and maybe some kind of shine or dirt removal product. Anatomy Of A Garage Door It will only take you a maximum of 10 minutes and will keep your door looking as good as new. This will need to be done more often in the winter due to the increased rainfall and all the leaves that are flying around.

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