We don’t wake up each morning saying, “I’m so thankful I have a safe garage door installation,” any more than we wake up saying, “I’m grateful that my thumb and my big toe Residential Roll Up Garage Doors With Windows are working the way they were designed.” These are functions we can take for granted. We don’t have to think about them. At least, we shouldn’t have to think about them.
Just as your thumb and your big toe keep working when you maintain good health habits and safety practices, so your garage door will keep working when it is installed and maintained correctly. When you have a new garage door installed, you need to check a few items to avoid future problems. Checking these items requires no special skills. You just need to know what to look for.
First, check the height at which the wall control unit is placed. Most wall control units are placed either next to the garage door or next to the door that leads into the house. The wall control unit is about four inches square and has three buttons labeled door, lock, light. The wall control unit should be placed at least five feet from the floor. The correct height placement prevents little children from playing with the buttons causing the door to be left open to the elements, causing the door to lock, or causing the light to be left on.
You should also check to make sure the safety eyes are placed correctly. Look at the bottom of the garage door track. You should see a small yellow light on one side of the door and a corresponding green light on the opposite side. Those lights should be no higher than six inches from the floor. The safety eyes can detect any object that is in the path of the door when it is closing, and will signal the door to reverse itself. Safety eyes installed higher than six inches will not detect a small object like a child’s foot or a pet Pekingese. You wouldn’t want your daughter or your dog to be injured because the safety eyes are placed too high.
Look for loose wires. Wires along the overhead trolley, or along the sides of the door, or anywhere else in the mechanism should not be left loose, but should be enclosed within Garage Door Lubricant Lowes a track or firmly stapled. Wires left loosely hanging can become caught on a moving object and pulled loose, causing all kinds of problems. Besides, they are so unsightly.
You’re spending your hard-earned money for your garage door. You want it to work properly, and you want it to be safe. Take the time to check these details.

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