Would you believe that “certified technician” has a different meaning for every garage door company? Certifying a technician is a process that is at the discretion of the individual company. Every company can decide what type of training the technician will receive, and how long he must train before he goes on a job solo. There are no national, state, or county regulations that a garage door company must follow. It is even possible that a company will declare a technician is “certified” when he has received no training at all.
Because the industry has so little government regulation, there are many unethical companies in business. When you need to find a door repairman, who will help you? Who is going to protect you from fraudulent businesses? The answer is that Garage Door Installation Tools you will have to take that responsibility yourself. Sad, but true. You will have to investigate the garage door companies in your area so that you can make a wise choice about the company and the technician who will come to your home.
First, you will want to know if the person repairing your door is honest and reliable. After all, you don’t want a drug addict or a convicted felon working around your wife and kids. Find out what background checks the garage door company made before it hired the guy. Don’t just accept the company’s response that it checks out the backgrounds of its employees. Ask to see the background reports. A company has to spend some money to attain a background check or a drug test. If the company has really done this, it will be happy to show you the report.
Next, you will want to know how much training the technician has received. There are many companies manufacturing garage doors, motors, and parts. Each company’s products are a little different, and a well-trained technician must be knowledgeable about all of them. That kind of training requires several weeks. A reliable garage door company will make sure its technicians are able to handle any kind of repair on any door. Even when the company believes the newly trained technician is able to do this, it will not send him on a call alone, but will require him to go with an experienced technician for a week or two. Again, this kind of training costs the company money, and it will be proud to document these facts to you.
You need to be careful and cautious about the people who work in your garage and have access to Clean Garage Door your home. Do your investigation and make an educated choice so that you will have no regrets.

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