What Garage Door Opener is Best?

There are many types and styles of garage door openers, but which one is best for you can depend a lot on where you live and your personal preference. Unlike most other purchases, you’ll most likely only need to choose a new garage door opener once or twice in your life. So it’s important to make sure you select the one that is best for you.
Following are three of the most popular and available types of openers, and a description of each. Before Garage Door Plans Free you make your decision read through the types so you know which is best suited for your needs.
The first type of opener, and also the most widely used and found, is the chain drive. Chain drives openers use metal chains to move a door up and down on it’s tracks. Because of the metal chains, this opener is rather noisy. If you have a detached garage and you don’t care about Garage Door Hard To Close noise this is a great option because this is the least expensive opener on the market. However if you have a garage that is attached to the home, you may want to consider another option. The noise of the door opening and closing is going to make it heard from adjacent rooms.
If noise is a problem, the best option is a belt drive opener. These are considered the best garage door openers on the market because of their reliability. A rubber belt is used instead of a metal chain, allowing for near silent operation. Perfect if you have an attached garage or you just don’t like to hear that clanging when you open your garage. These openers are more expensive than chain drive, but the trade-off between cost and noise reduction might make sense for you.
The next option you need to think carefully about. Screw drive openers are an affordable option for those on a budget, but they are less reliable than the others. Additionally, like the chain drives, these are also quite noisy. Something to keep in mind is if your looking for garage door openers in Chicago or other regions with very cold winters, screw drives don’t hold up well. Extreme heat or cold will quickly render your new opener useless.
If you still are not sure which opener is best for you, consider inspecting the devices in person. Hearing how loud when they operate can help you make the decision on which is best for you. Most older homes have chain drive openers installed, as that was common many years ago. As a result you shouldn’t have to look too far to find one of those. Newer homes by contrast often have belt drives installed, so if a friend or neighbor recently upgraded you can ask to inspect their opener.

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