If you love being outdoors but don’t like to be exposed to the weather, and you are in a position to renovate or add value to your home, then you might be wondering what to build; a veranda, patio or pergola. You might also be wondering what the difference is between the three.
A veranda has the following features;
*is always a permanent structure
*is always attached the house and may wrap around several faces of the house
*is always made of durable, strong materials
*is always covered
*the roof can be fixed or retractable
A pergola has the following features;
*is always a permanent structure
*may be located next to the house or elsewhere in the yard
*may be large or small
*will always have some sort of roof structure, Modern Garage Door Designs usually slats of timber or a fixed roof
*may be covered or uncovered
*covers might consist of shade cloth, shade sails or PVC
*usually contains planter boxes or allows for vines to grow around
A patio has the following features;
*may be a permanent or semi-permanent structure
*may be located next to the house or elsewhere in the in the yard
*will always will be floored in hard materials such as tiles, bricks or paving
*may be a large area or small
*may not have any type of roof structure
*may be covered How To Install A Garage Door Spring or uncovered
When thinking about patios, pergolas or verandas your choice will depend mostly on budget. Budget considerations are almost always the defining the factor in what type of structure you will install.
A lower budget might mean you build the structure yourself and this will most likely be limited to a patio or pergola. If you do opt for a self-build then your construction skills will also be a determining factor in what you choose to install. If your skills are very limited, then you might simply choose a little patio that will consist of a small, paved area in a nice spot in your yard under a shady tree. Or, if you are looking for a challenge you might wish to buy a kit to build a covered patio or pergola. Patios and pergolas can be built with cheaper materials such as timber and the lighter metals.
If you have access to a little more cash, then you might like to think about a more permanent and solid structure like a veranda or pergola that is fixed to the house and perhaps has access to the house via a door or sliding doors. You might like to install a outdoor structure that more closely resembles another room in your house, with a seamless integration of materials such as floor coverings and windows dressings.
Whether you are spending a lot or a little, the purpose for your outdoor area should always be considered. Perhaps you are after a small, flat surface to place some outdoor furniture for bbqs and family gatherings, or perhaps you would like a covered, comfortable space where you can relax with a cup of tea and book. Perhaps you are looking to extend your home to include an outdoor room, a place to enjoy indoor activities and the comforts of indoor furniture but with a little more exposure to the fresh air and views.
What ever you choose, installing a patio, pergola or veranda is the ideal way to make your desire to relax in the outdoors a reality.

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