Using Tiles To Create Works Of Art

Aphrodite’s petrified beauty has been admired widely and that was rendered possible by marble. Marble was dear to Roman and Greek classical sculptors due to its ability to give life to works of art. Marble shines which is scientifically accountable in terms of an index of refraction. But bear numbers cannot explain splendor of this material which is the medium between this mortal life and immortality, between anonymity and fame.

Its blue blood makes marble go hand in hand with a refined taste. Once a rarity, it is nowadays more present in our homes. Mass production has turned marble into a widely spread construction material and a variety of tiles are made of it. Marble tiles are a class of the stone tile category. Their popularity is partly due to being second hardest of the category surpassed only by granite tiles.

Ten years of increasing sales in tiles testify for high demand on the market. High prices have not stopped customers from buying them. Their decision relies on solid grounds. Firstly, marble tiles contribute to an elegant and stylish look of your home. Secondly, they have won the hearts of environmentalists because of marble being biodegradable natural material. Thirdly, marble keeps away bacteria and moisture. Finally, it is hard and durable which makes marble tiles a good long-term investment.

Relatively high prices reflect the natural qualities of marble; the tradition of using it as a somewhat special material further justifies the expense. The universal beauty of marble places them both in traditional and contemporary homes. Another advantage of marble flooring is that they clean easily. The usual cleaning operations are washing, sweeping, vacuum-cleaning which may involve professional cleaning products to polish your marble tiles. Kitchen tiles, which are more prone to spilling accidents, should be cleaned immediately after such events. Those in hallways should be covered with rugs or doormats to protect them from mud and soil.

Producers nowadays respond to their customers’ needs and supply a wide range of tiles. The difference can be seen in tile’s edges, pattern, design, finishes and colors. Your marble tiles can be customized according to your preference.

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