Types of Carports

Carolina carports and garages are manufactured with the help of state of the art machinery and technology. The company only uses top of the line galvanized steel which is intended to withstand rust along with all types of outdoor conditions. When you purchase a Carolina Carport, the company will deliver and install your new shelter but only in an area where permits are not required. Check with your local codes enforcement office to see if a permit is needed and to determine the size of building you can install on your property.
The company carries two basic types of carport structures, certified or uncertified, with the main difference being that certified structures are larger and specifically designed by an engineer. Certified structures How Often Should Garage Doors Be Serviced are engineered to withstand a certain amount of wind and snow load and are backed by a 20 year limited warranty. Uncertified structures on the other hand, only come with a 30 day workmanship warranty.
Carolina Inc. carries three basic styles of carports including regular, boxed eve, and vertical roof carports. Regular basically constitutes a structure that is framed and covered but open on all sides. Boxed eve and vertical roof models are structures Secure Door Garage Door Hurricane Brace that can also be open on all sides or completely closed with doors for access. The main difference in these two styles basically has to do with the roofing and framing. Both are equally effective at protecting your personal belongings.
Even though the company name says carports, the company is also well known for their quality steel buildings including garages, utility buildings, and barns. Garages vary in size including single or double and with or without access doors and ventilation windows. Utility buildings usually combine an enclosed area with doors and windows along with an open area for sheltering equipment and even livestock. Barns come in three styles including the Carolina horse barn, Carolina barn, and Seneca barn. All are designed to protect and house your livestock in any climate and safe from predators.
You can find brand name Carolina carports for sale online and via authorized local dealers. Use the internet to compare pricing between different companies to be sure you are getting the best deal for your money. Check the internet for customer testimonials because you are sure to find many people that are very happy with the quality and durability of their Carolina structures.

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