Top 6 Tips To Protect Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic Floor tiles are commonly used tiles. It gains its popularity mainly because it is very cheap and durable.

You generally ought to choose tiles for a cheaper price. The amazing fact is that, ceramic tiles are the one which matches you in terms of quality and price which ultimately makes your heart filled with contentment and home filled with ceramic beauty.

Choosing the tile for your floor is a difficult and important task, more significant is its maintenance, as they have to last long and also keep up their elegance in the same way. Hence, you should make sure you clean your floor tiles regularly in order to add more value to the money spent.

Here are few tips to protect and keep up your ceramic floor tiles:

1. Make sure you sweep the floor using a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner every day. Minute dust particles may settle down on the grout, if un-cleaned regularly, it becomes hard to get rid of them later. Especially, when you have kids at home who play with lot of toys, be sure to remove those objects and clean since they tend to collect dirt. Also, place pads under furniture feet to avoid scratches it might cause.

2. The next tip is that you should make sure to wash your floor tiles at least once in a week with a soft soap. Do not use solutions which contain bleach as it harms your tiles. One can also use waste toothbrushes to remove grime in the grout areas and gently scrub or mop.

3. To protect your grout from losing its color, use a transparent sealant. Avoid using any strong chemical containing bleach as it paves the way for your grout to lose its natural color and look uneven.

4. Whenever you see any spills which come in contact with your floor tiles, wipe it immediately before it becomes a permanent one. If it is a normal food stain, clean it with soap water because in case of oil or grease stains you can use hot water with soap.

5. You can use Oxygen bleach solution for washing your floor. This is free from acid and hence, does not harm the color of your tiles.

6. Ensure hard objects or sharp end ones are not in direct contact or pressure with the floor tiles. When you sought to move objects, do not pull them as it might leave scratch on your tiles, rather lift them gently and place it.

The above tips are easy and simple to follow. Enjoy the undisturbed charm of your interior filled with ceramic floor tiles.

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