For most of US residents in the Southern and Eastern coast lines, fear is what usually crept in especially when hurricanes threaten to visit their place. The irony is that people will just do the repairs in their house, like change their decaying roof, installing support to their houses, cutting down trees, and so on, when hurricanes are already there, too bad.
This article will tell you what to do in preparation to the devastating hurricanes. One should not take this article for granted since windstorms can leave you homeless, property-less and if luck takes its toll on you, it might even leave you, family-less. In these times, safety is the one need you can’t afford to ignore.
Get Hurricane Shutters
Windstorms carry debris that flies on an incredible speed. If this hits your windows, and you’re inside the house, chances are shattered glass will mercilessly fall on you or your loved one. And you know the serious damages it can bring you. So to prevent this, protect your windows with window shutters.
Tip: Look for hurricane shutters that passed the Dade County Product. However, if you’re out of bucks, you can make your own shutter, but make sure it has a width of 5/8 plywood, enough to protect you from strong wind gusts.
Check your Garage Door.
Garage doors are one of the most vulnerable parts of the house that can easily be swept by strong winds. It only takes a short time before you knew that your garage door was already taken by the wind gusts. The best way to prevent this is to secure your garage door with strong tie ropes.
Trim down tall trees.
Tall standing trees can be accomplices in sweeping off hurricanes towards your home. Cut down weak branches before it fall in your bedroom.
Expect the unexpected.
Though weather forecast had it that “Katrina”, “Bob” or “Gloria” is still nth mile from your place, it pays to stay ahead and be prepared. Weather is very unpredictable and so are windstorms. It may come earlier than expected.
Grab a First Garage Door Slammed Shut And Won’T Open Aid Kit.
You never know when accidents may happen. It’s better to have something to pacify the wound, than to have nothing at all. The road is already near-flood and it might be more risky if you travel on a wet road.
Check your Quiet Garage Door roof.
If there is one part of your house that is primarily devastated by hurricanes, it’s your roof. If you still have that traditional corrugated roof, it is high time that you replace it with metal roof. Metal roofs are nth times stronger, durable and powerful than ordinary corrugated roofs. More and more homeowners are even investing in this new roofing trend because of its incredible resistance from rain, rust, cracks, rots and mildew.
There were written reports that metal roofs withstood the strongest of the windstorms. If you are truly serious in protecting your property and family from the ruinous hurricanes, now is the best time to have a metal roof installed in your home.

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