Tile Floor and Grout Cleaning Tips

Tile flooring is a popular choice in all types of locations mainly due to the perception that it is easier to maintain and clean than other floorings. Wiping down a tiled floor seems easy enough but it is notable that unless cleaned regularly, a tiled floor can dull quickly and soon have an unsatisfactory appearance.

The tips for cleaning this type of flooring should be divided into the tiles and the grout – and both are equally important if the floor is to be kept in good condition.

With respect to the tiles – it is fundamental to make sure that all dirt and grit is kept off the surface. Most ceramic tiles have a glazed finish which is wipe clean friendly and aids cleaning. However, dirt and grit can cause scratches and surface abrasions which remove the finish and expose the tile leaving it susceptible to staining. Most grit and dirt comes from shoes, up to 80% of it, and therefore it can simply be a case of putting down a doormat.

Dirt will inevitably find its way into any location, especially commercial, so regular (preferably daily) sweeping and vacuuming to removing these dirt particles are recommended. Mopping should also be carried out frequently to keep the floor as clean as possible.

Care should be taken when moving heavy objects, especially furniture, as this can also mark and scratch the surface of the tiles, leaving them unprotected. Putting padded tips on the legs of chairs and corners of heavy objects is also an advisable strategy to offer additional protection.

If regular cleaning efforts still result in an unsatisfactory finish, it is probable that the surface of the tiles has been damaged. Once a stain becomes visible it is likely that layers of stains and bacteria have built up leaving a mark that is difficult or impossible to remove with traditional cleaning methods. In this case you may need to contact a professional company specializing in tile floor cleaning, which will be able to use heat and emulsification treatment to restore the floor to its original state.

Another reason that a tile floor may have an unsatisfactory appearance is the grout. Grout is a construction material which is generally used for filling voids and sealing joints, such as those between tiles. It normally consists of a mixture of cement, sand and water. Grout is a porous material and therefore stains easily.

The main tip for keeping grout clean is to clean up any spillages immediately. A liquid such as wine or coffee will stain the grout and it is vital that these areas are protected when possible.

Ideally grout should have a sealer, which will make it less permeable and aid cleaning and maintenance. This sealer will of course be susceptible to the same factors which cause damage to tiles. However the problem of staining is more likely in the case of grout due to its disposition. If you take a close look at grout, you will find that it is almost always recessed a little lower than the level of the tiles, so it is here that liquids will gather and stain.

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