So, when did overhead doors get their start?
To begin, we first must take a look at cars. As cars started to become the norm people began wondering where they would store their cars. People needed a new type of outbuilding. Back in the early 1900’s an “outbuilding” was known as a carriage house. (This was a place where a person would Genie Garage Door Opener Just Clicks store their horse & buggy.) In the beginning, cars and horse and buggies were kept in the same outbuilding; however that created somewhat of a stink. People in those days with cars were of the higher class and these people didn’t want their new treasure to smell like horse manure.
Hence, there became a need to have the cars and horse and buggies separated. “The first garages were actually a lot like our modern-day parking lots, but with one level. People figured that if they could store more than one horse in a barn, then perhaps they could store more than one car in a similar structure. So they built large garages, some publicly owned and others privately owned. It became quite a business – they’d charge $15-$20 a month for a parking space. For your money, you’d get a parking space, along with about 100 other cars, in a heated garage that was maintained and cleaned by the owner. This system worked well until about 1910, when there became too many cars for the garages to accommodate.”
In 1921, a young man named C.G. Johnson invented the upward lifting garage door and changed the course of the garage door’s Garage Door Opener Accessories place in history. Now everyone had the option to have their own garage door at their home to store their cars.

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