The History Of Tile Art and Ceramic Tile Art

Ceramic tiles have been around for many years and it will certainly be around for many more years to come. Ceramic tiles have been designed by people since about four thousand years ago. The people who once lived that long ago used them for beautifying their living spaces as well as using them for functional building parts. Ceramic tile art became a much desired effect of many homes through out centuries of time, even to this day and time. Tile art can be used to liven up some thing as small as a kitchen counter top all the way up to the appearance of the outside of a home or business.

The famous Greek cities that have been in all the history books were well known for using ceramic tile art as a great form of expression. Tile art has been found all over the world in places like Spain and even Egypt. Tiles have been used all over the country for a numerous amount of reasons with tile art being one of the most common reasons. Ceramic tile is nothing more than pieces of clay that were shaped and baked. Originally these pieces of clay were baked with nothing more than the heat from the sun, much like the bricks that have been used for ages to build houses. Once these tiles are shaped they can either be baked to a point where they become glazed or they can merely be baked to display a more plain appearance.

Mosaic art is one of the most popular forms of art, mostly because of the detail and the vivid designs that can be made with this form of tile art. Tiny tiles are put together in the most intricate ways possible to form one whole piece of art that can be utterly amazing. There are those who like the hand painted style of art far better than the mosaic form. This can be be done too. The English people were once said to be some of the best people to design tiles and because of this many walls and homes and other forms of decorations began to display more and more tiles as an art form.

Today you will see that more homes have used ceramic tile art in their kitchens due to the fact that surfaces of these tiles are not very porous which allows for very few germs to be left behind on the surface. In today’s society we strive to be more functional in our homes. This brings people to make decisions which allow for multiple uses for our decorations and home designs. Tile art has proven to be a huge success in this area no matter which way you look at it. People can have a one of a kind design counter top that not only looks amazingly beautiful but also keeps the typical kitchen germs to a minimum. Ceramic tiles are also very good for a kitchen due to the fact that they do not show damage from knives or other wear and tear very easily. Possibilities are truly at your imaginations limits with ceramic tile art.

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