The Best Tiles For Your Home

Tiles bring along many benefits to a home. They add to the financial and aesthetic value of your property on one hand, and to its comfort and serviceability on the other. Natural stone tiles are the top choice from the whole range of tiling materials and also from the entire variety of floor and wall covers.

Stone tiles are tough and, therefore heavy duty. Even if their initial costs are higher, in the long run they are the most affordable and beneficial option. This is because they overrun any other floor material in terms of durability and also from the perspective of adding value to a place. Moreover, with proper maintenance and regular cleaning, natural stone tiles will look almost as new for a lifetime.

Requiring minimal maintenance and being extremely easy to wipe clean, with stone tiles you will save money, time and energy in the short, medium and long term. Additional, this sort of tiling provides hygienic and anti-allergic surfaces as they do not retain dirt and dust, being largely stain resistant.

The aspect of stone tiles is of timeless beauty and highly versatile. The earthy colours of marble and its unique texture with lopsided intertwined veins promote it as the perfect selection for stylish spaces (such as the living and dining room) that require an individual feel, but also for family common places like the kitchen. Absolute black and black star galaxy granite tiles are well suited in exceptional designs for wet rooms, and for fireplace, columns, vanity tops, water tables, or other surfaces’ trimming.

Travertine tiles display a wide variety of hues and shades and have a unique texture that resembles the most with stone in natural state. Due to their authentic special texture, high durability, and special physical properties (such as being waterproof, fireproof, resistant to freeze-thaw, etc), travertine tiles are absolutely ideal for outdoor use in places like patios, terraces, garden walkways, backyard stairs or flooring. Nonetheless, all stone tiles allow for both indoors or outdoors applications, while basically there is no right place for employing one sort of tile. Finally, all tiles are extremely practical, hardwearing, and beautiful. Only coloring and textures differentiate stone tiles among themselves. Therefore the best tiles for your home are those tiles that appeal to your visuals and tactile senses.

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