When the time comes for you to replace your old garage door, then you will want to think carefully about the kind of door you wish to replace it with. More than merely a door, it forms a large part of the appearance of your home. Not only will your neighbors and friends form an impression of your house based partially on the garage, but it could even potentially affect the value and saleability of your home. There are many available designs for garage doors, and also some different materials. Most doors are made from either steel or wood. Wood is the traditional kind of door, but it has been overtaken by steel in popularity.
If you are willing to pay for it, then the most beautiful kind of door is certainly a solid wooden one. You can have it painted in different colors to match your house, or finished to reveal the natural wood grain. Windows are an option to add extra class, not to mention light to your garage. Wood is strong, versatile and attractive, but it is also expensive. For a custom made door you can pay several thousands of dollars. If you are not able to afford wood then steel is your next best option,.
While some wooden doors are not as expensive as others, they also require more upkeep. If not properly treated and then regularly retreated a wooden door can warp or rot, especially if you live in an area that gets lots Garage Door Magazine of rain. Before you invest in a wooden garage door you should do your homework and know just what will be required to maintain it so that it lasts and retains its beautiful appearance for as many years as possible.
While not as beautiful as a solid wooden door, steel doors are still very attractive and they need much less maintenance. They are also cheaper, and come with lengthy, sometimes lifetime, guarantee. A steel door is easy to install and requires only minimal upkeep. Rust can sometimes be a problem, but most of the time they are well protected against it. You will still need to lubricate the moving parts regularly, but other than that you will not worry.
In the end, it is a choice of elegance or price. Nothing is more beautiful than wood, but for Soft Sided Garage most people the benefits of a steel door far outweigh the mere aesthetic claims of wood.

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