The Beauty of Travertine Tile

Travertine tile gives natural beauty to almost any home. This unique tile is not created by man. It is a stone that is pressed and originates from nature. There are many different types of tile to select from, but not many come that comes from the earth contains the same characteristics.

Travertine tile comes in several different states. Tumbled, polished, brushed, and honed are four states in which consumers can choose from. The location of the installation and one’s personal preferences will determine which type of tile is preferred. All of the available tiles are flat. The tumbled and brushed have a course textured surface, while honed and polished tile are smooth and shiny.

Acidic products does not go well with this type of tile due to discoloration that takes place whenever contact is made. Do you any intentions of installing the tile in your kitchen for counter tops or flooring? If so, it would be wise to place a sealer of protection on the tiles.

Every room in the home is perfect for Travertine tile. The unique look will magnify the look of any room. The outdoor patio is also a wonderful place to install natural stone tile. The polished or honed tile is recommended to be placed inside while the tumbled or brushed will do better on the outside. Stone tile is rugged and strong enough to resist nicks and cuts.

Installation of Travertine tile is not difficult to take care of when you have the correct tools. You begin with a clean and smooth surface to place the tile on. Start using grout beneath the tile while pressing each one down in gentle fashion. It is not time to place grout between t the cracks. Make sure that you clean off any excessive grout with a damp cloth or sponge. It is now time to give the tile a few hours to dry. It would be prudent for you to brush some protective sealer over the tile in order to preserve its natural beauty.

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