The Advantage and Disadvantage of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are the more modern side of the carpet world. They come in different colours, textures, sizes, and prices and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages:

1. Easy installation. Carpet tiles come in manageable sizes, which mean that it does not require more than one person to carry and lay-out the carpet. You can easily adjust the size and shape of the tile depending on the area where you want to place or position it with the mere use of a sharp cutter. The use of a carpet adhesive will help keep the carpet in place. The ease of installation makes it ideal for weekend do-it-yourself projects.

2. Easy cleaning and maintenance. Carpet tiles come in sections that make it easy to clean and maintain. You simply have to vacuum it twice or thrice a week (depending on the frequency of floor traffic) to keep it clean. You can also use a regular carpet shampoo. The nice thing about a carpet tile is when someone spills food or drinks on the carpet. You only need to take out the affected tile, wash and dry the tile, and return it back where you got it. You do not need to remove the entire carpet or even hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner just to remove the dirt and stain.

3. Design as you like. Carpet tiles come in a wide variety of colours and textures, which give you the freedom to choose one that you really like. You can lay them out according to the design or pattern that you want. Getting tired of the existing lay-out pattern? Simply interchange the carpet tiles so you will have a different look altogether.

4. Durability. Carpet tiles, even second hand ones, are quite durable and can withstand the wear and tear caused by floor traffic as long as you take good care of them just like you would a regular carpet.

The disadvantages:

1. Loose and frayed edges. A carpet tile might look great at the beginning or when it is fairly new but you should be aware that the edges can get easily frayed as time passes by. The edges could even get loose even if you used a carpet adhesive particularly if you used one that is of poor quality. Using good quality carpet adhesive can help in lessening the incidence of loose and frayed edges.

2. Disfigured tiles. Carpet tiles come in different textures and with different base materials. Cheap tiles usually have a rubber base. If you purchased one with a rubber base, take note that there is a chance that the tile does become disfigured in time. This can occur when you clean a tile with water and then you leave it out in the sun for too long to dry. If you do want to dry the tile under the sun, you can still do so just make sure that you do not leave it out too long under the sun.

Overall, the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages, which is why you do not need to hesitate in having carpet tiles installed in your home or office.

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