You never really think about it but a garage door is a big object. You probably enter in and out of it at least a couple times a day. All you have to do is press a single button and this 200 pound wall moves up and down likes its nothing. You don’t realize how danger a door could really be if something breaks as it is operating. The garage door is the largest moving mechanism in your average household, you need to be cautious and play it safe when it comes to them.
With improvements in technology, these mechanisms have actually become a lot safer than they once were. A lot of features are just about 100% effective if they are in proper working condition and maintained.
The first safety measure implemented were the safety eyes. These are two sensors that are attached to the track right as the bottom of the door. They work in unison to make sure nothing is under the door. The one sensor sends a beam (you can’t actually see this beam so stop trying to find it] across to the other eye that receives Cheap Alternative To Garage Door the beam. When anything interrupts this connection, the door reverses and goes back up. This avoids anything being crushed when the door is closing. You need to make sure you have these on your door, and if not its time for any upgrade. Especially if you have any small children or pets that could potentially be hurt.
If you already have safety eyes, this is the time to check and make sure they were installed correctly. For them to be effective they need to be right towards the bottom of the door. Wrought Iron Decorative Garage Door Hardware This means no more than six inches from the bottom of the track. This will ensure any object that is low to the ground will be detected. This will save your new baby puppy’s life.
Other safety devices that have been implemented in more current garage door installs include safety cables. Safety cables run through the springs of your door. They are meant to prevent the spring from flying across the garage if they break. Springs are under a lot of tension and when they snap they can do real damage wherever they go, whether that’s you car windshield, or you as your walking to the car. These cables make sure the springs stay in place and don’t do any damage. These devices can save you, if you don’t have them its time to get them.

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