Split Garage Doors

If you are about to buy yourself a new garage door, you might take into consideration buying yourself a split door. Or maybe you’ll even want to exchange your current one with a split door after reading this article. However, there are a few factors you’ll need to take into consideration, and be sure to speak to the manufacturers so they can give you details on this subject.
First off all, what are they? They are those awesome doors that consist actually of two. They’re not connected to each other and you can open them in the middle, got a picture? Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well, it has it’s own flaws and problems, believe me.
One major reason why split doors are not so wide spread is that they’re very big. If you have two, you’ll pay accordingly 200% of the price of one door, plus some extra fees a split door brings across. Remember it’s always cheaper to buy a regular one over a split, but it might just be more attractive to you, because it’s easier to use or just looks better. But imagine you’re buying an elegant hardwood door (not a cheap steel one), that has to be pretty big, because your garage and car are rather big. That might sound like a really attractive offer and I am sure that it is, it’d look really good! So what’s the problem, let’s go get our new door! And this is where this major flaw comes into the game, the price is just way too high for an average garage owner out there.
A great advantage of a split garage door is that you can clean it pretty easy due to the way you can open it. Best Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Maybe this will motivate you to wash your garage door regularly. (I don’t believe so, to be honest :D)
So when you’re about to buy a split door always take your budget into consideration. If you don’t have enough money and can’t afford such a door, you might just buy a regular one, those are cool too, The Spruce Garage Doors aren’t they? Or you can consider to choose a door with a lower quality or one with another material. As you might well know hardwood garage doors are a lot more expensive than steel garage doors.

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