Shower Tile Cleaning Tips and Solutions

Shower areas are very different to clean than other areas of the home because most are wet or damp a majority of the time. The market is full of shower tile cleaning products including do it yourself sprays, automatic sprayers, and even steam machines. There are many ways in which to clean the shower area but you can greatly decrease how often you have to clean your shower by simply keeping it dry. Keep a squeegee near the shower are so you can squeegee the water down to the drain after each use. Using a squeegee will also reduce the appearance of water drop stains on your tiling. It only takes a few seconds to squeegee an entire shower area and it can easily reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your shower area each month by at least half.

When you do have to clean your shower, you can opt to use regular household tile and grout cleaning products like Mr. Clean, Tilex, and even bleach based products. You should however, never use abrasive products and brushes to clean your shower tiling because they could cause damage to your tiles and grout. If you are having trouble keeping your grout clean, try using a toothbrush to clean it with a baking soda paste or with a bleach product. Baking soda paste consists of a little bit of baking soda mixed with water. The paste works well for white grout and stubborn stains on tile. If all else fails, the market is full of stronger or commercial strength cleansing products which are intended for tough cleaning jobs. If you do choose to use a commercial grade product, make sure you follow the packaging instructions fully because many require that you use protective gloves, mask, and even glasses in order to apply safely.

Today’s market is also full of steam machines which also work well with cleaning tough tile stains and grimy grout. The machines tend to be pricey but they are very effective and worth investing in if you find yourself constantly cleaning showers, tubs, countertops, and even floors. A small steam machine can greatly reduce the amount of time and labor it takes to accomplish even the largest or dirtiest shower tile cleaning project. Larger machines are great for periodic or big cleaning projects. You don’t have to purchase one of these big machines because many cleaning equipment rental companies offer reasonable rental rates. Check the yellow pages in your local area to find cleaning equipment rental companies near you.

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