The lower limit on a garage door, is something that can often get messed up. Instead of calling a garage door repair company Modern Wood Look Garage Doors to fix this problem, save yourself some money and do it yourself. It isn’t a problem that is overly complicated to fix.
The first thing you need to do is identify if your limits are set correctly. The easiest one to know is if the lower limit isn’t set correctly. There will be one of a few symptoms. First is that the door doesn’t close all the way to the ground. If some leaves or a small animal can fit under the bottom of your door, this is the case. The door could also be closing too much. If the door crashes to the ground and you feel like the door is about to fall apart with the force it is closing too much. Sometimes the door might even close all the way and reverse back up. Both of these symptoms are because the opener is closing the door on the ground way to hard.
In order to change the settings if you have problems you will need a ladder to get to the motor. If you take off the case on the motor you will need to find two white knobs, that can be turned with Garage Door Opener India a flat head screwdriver. You will need to locate the close switch. The basic thing you will need to remember is that counter clockwise will close the door more, and clockwise will raise it.
What you will need to do now is open the door to the top position. Then go to the close limit switch and adjust it accordingly. You have to be patient and make your changes in small increments. One full turn moves the door three inches either way. While this may not seem to be a lot, it actually is. Its better to be safe with your changes and do it multiple times than to turn it too much. In the end you need to make adjustments until the seal on the door is just right. You don’t want it to close to hard or not enough. It really is a process.
Once you feel good, you are done. You have just adjusted the lower limit on your garage door, and saved yourself some money! You can also repeat the same steps to adjust the upper limit of your garage door. In this case you do the same thing, but obviously use the upper limit switch.

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