What is essential about Rhinebeck, NY? It was the location of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding on July 31, 2010. To folks from New York City, Rhinebeck (which is in Duchess County close to Poughkeepsie) is “upstate” New York. To folks who really live in upstate New York, Rhinebeck (and Poughkeepsie) are most decidedly downstate.
Rhinebeck, like numerous villages along the Hudson River and elsewhere in New York State, dates to early Colonial days. It has been a manufacturing center and since the mid 19th century, has been a place exactly where the wealthy have often had summer homes. Of its manufacturing items were carriages, coaches, and sleighs. Numerous folks have never been to Rhinebeck but would imagine that the wealthy Garage Door Opening Height had nice carriage houses to store the carriages and nearby stables, with numerous of these having been converted to modern day working garages to permit for storing the modern day working “horseless carriage” (even though it’s also feasible that numerous carriage houses nevertheless are utilized for sleighs as New York nevertheless gets sufficient snow to justify it for rich individuals).
The early settlers in Rhinebeck would most likely not comprehend the current obsession with cars but they would most likely comprehend the idea of status symbols, like a carriage manufactured in Rhinebeck would most likely happen to be a status symbol. The early settlers may wince at seeing a stunning carriage house converted into a modern day working garage with an automatic garage door opener. But they would certainly comprehend the requirement for protecting items from the weather, regardless of whether pricey carriages and sleighs or pricey cars and boats. They most likely even had issues with house Garage Door Opener Accessories owners occasionally driving the carriage when intoxicated and damaging the carriage doors somehow. Even though most folks these days know not to drink and drive, it does nevertheless happen and garage doors, regardless of whether automated garage doors or manually opened garage doors, wind up damaged because of it. Regardless of whether the harm leaves a gouge in the carriage or the harm leaves a scratch down the side of the BMW, the next working day most likely means someone is remorseful and someone is angry and they might well be the same individual who caused the harm being angry with themselves.
So now that Chelsea Clinton’s wedding is passed, Rhinebeck will once again recede from the national consciousness and revert back to becoming one more sleepy village about the Hudson River. A little town, close to New York City exactly where the locals will go about their working day to working day lives without the intrusion of the visitors and national media. Oh there will be visitors, as this area will usually have visitors who come for the slower pace, the beauty of the architecture, or just to see exactly where some history might happen to be made.

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