Retreating to a Tropical Paradise – Building a Backyard Tiki Bar

If you are looking to create tropical haven in your back yard, then look no further than a Tiki Bar for your patio. A Tiki Bar is a tropical themed bar or drinks station that serves up exotic cocktails and is synonymous with a relaxed, party atmosphere.
If you have a pool, then that is probably the best place to build you tiki bar. Something about the calm of the water is inviting and the way the water reflects light is always a point of beauty.
If you don’t have a pool, then look around your yard and think about where it is the most tranquil and inviting. Obviously steer clear from the neighbour’s window or the shady mosquito den that returns every summer. Perhaps building it on the patio is a good idea, to ensure a nice solid, level ground.
You can either buy a do-it-yourself kit from the hardware store or simply knock one together from bits of recycled timber. You could Garage Door Colonial Style probably find a simple construction manual online and get the timber cut to order from your hardware or local timber mill.
Of course you don’t have to use timber. You can use bamboo or other reed style materials. You could use chip board and simply paint it over with a dark brown colour, or cover it with thatched grass to match the roofing.
The roof, however, should always be made with thatched grass Colonial House Garage Doors as this is the most iconic feature of any tiki bar.
Stools are the only choice for seating at a tiki bar. You can buy bamboo stools or make your own wooden stools. You could even get away with mismatched stools you collect from second hand stores and garage sales. The only rule is to make sure they are the right height. Nothing is worse than sitting too low or too high at a bar.
Decorating your tiki bar is the best part. Searching second hand shops and garage sales for island masks, pictures and wall hangings can be a wonderful way to wile away a weekend. If your bar is big enough, hang a surfboard on the side or on the fence behind it or even stand one up against the frame. Create or find a welcome sign that invites your guests in to enjoy themselves. You can display decorative fish and ocean related knick-knacks or pieces or driftwood or coral.
Stock your bar with retro and vintage cups and glasses that are reminiscent of a by-gone era. A little humour is essential with any tiki bar.
Good lighting is important. You must have ambient lighting to successfully create the right mood for your tiki bar. Tiki torches are an obvious choice. They further add to the tropical theme and are easy to find and cheap to buy. Fairy lights or old-fashioned coloured party lights will really give your tiki bar a festive glow.
So whether your tiki bar is by the pool or under your pergola, be sure to give it all you’ve got. The best tiki bars are always over the top and oozing with tropical charm and fun.

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