My friend, Ashley wasn’t doing to well. She was in the middle of a really bad divorce. Her husband was out of the house, and she was truly scared of what he was going to do. After all he had all of the keys to the house still. The first thing she did was 6X8 Garage Door get all of the locks changed. This gave her the peace of mind she needed, the thing though, was that she was forgetting about something. Her garage door. She forgot that with his remote her ex husband could be in the garage at the press of a button.
What she needed to do was reprogram her garage door remote on her openers. Its sounds like it might be a complicated thing to do but believe it or not its actually very simple. Wood Carports It doesn’t even matter what brand of opener you have, they all basically are done the same way. If you can follow a set of simple directions you too can reprogram your opener!
All you need to do this is a helper, a small step ladder to reach the opener, and your remote.
The first thing you have to do is erase the preexisting codes in place. You will need to find the learn button in order to do this. The learn button basically stores the code for this, and is also where you will create your new code. Use your ladder to reach the motor. The learn button should be towards the back of the motor, although it can be on the side somewhere. It is either square or circular. You will know you have the correct button because this will be where the wires are attached to the motor.
After finding the learn button you can now erase the existing code. Hold down the button for ten seconds. At this point the LED should go out. This means you have erased the old code, and no remotes that were previously used will work anymore.
Now all you have to do is reprogram the remotes you want to work. All you have to do is touch the learn button again, when you release you should hear a clicking noise. This means you have 30 seconds to program whatever button you want. In order to do this just press whatever button on any remote you want. After pressing your remote button the clicking should stop and your job is complete. You can do this to as many remotes or keyless entry systems as you want. Just complete this process as many times as you need and you are done. Congratulations!

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