While in motion, your garage door suddenly stops for no apparent reason. Wait! Don’t call a door technician just yet. The problem might be simpler than you imagined it to be initially. Even for relatively inexperienced or mechanically challenged owners, it pays to first personally analyze the problem yourself.
Roll up your sleeves and give it a look. Most of the time, garage door failures are minor in nature and don’t require professional intervention. You can actually perform repairs by yourself. You might be surprised at how simple some of the solutions are and how fast and easy you can rectify the problem yourself.
Today, we have an amazing array of highly advanced automatic that are very easy to use and operate. However, it has a lot of moving parts and this makes it vulnerable to occasional breakdowns.
Below is a list of the six (6) most common automatic problems owners face along with how to troubleshoot them.
1) Garage door doesn’t fully close
You press the button but the door doesn’t close all the way. There is a noticeable gap in between.
Check the close limit switch and adjust accordingly. If you find nothing wrong with the close limit switch take a look at the door itself. See if it’s binding when opened or closed manually.
2) Garage door automatically goes on a reverse upon hitting the floor.
This heaves its way upwards and seems to have a mind of its own once it touches the floor.
Again, the problem might lie in the close limit switch. Check the settings and make the necessary adjustments.
3) This goes up and does a reverse before hitting the floor
This time, it returns to its original position even before it hits the floor.
You might want to check the close force for adjustments.
4) It doesn’t fully open
You can’t get the door to fully open and there’s not enough headroom for your car to make its way through the garage.
You might need to move the limit switch closer to the motor unit.
5) It refuses to open or close Sectional Garage Doors With Windows when using the remote control
You try several times to open or close the door using the remote control but the door refuses to budge.
There are several reasons why the it is not moving.
a) You might be standing too far from the door and out of range. Garage Door Repairs Perth Northern Suburbs Move a little closer to the door. This might do the trick
b) Check the antenna on the motor unit and make sure it is hanging down.
c) Turn on the wall switch. If the door works fine with the wall switch your remote might need a fresh set of batteries.
d) Try reprogramming the remote.
In cases where problems still persist even after an extensive attempt to rectify the anomaly or when the issues are not self-evident, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional.

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