Popularity Of Brick Tiles Is On The Rise

The rustic and unfinished look of the brick tiles is very popular. Many modern homes try to have spaces that are finished in this way. These are used both on the floors and walls. These tiles are thinner than the normal bricks. They are just used as a veneer covering on the walls or floors. The traditional red colour of the brick looks amazing and can be matched to any theme of decoration. Many other hues in these give a touch of green, yellow or dark brown to these tiles. The mortar or grout which is used to fill the gaps is seen well on the surface. The finish is rough and suits rugged interiors and places that have lush natural surroundings.

Many hotels use brick tiles on the walls or floors to achieve a unique look. These are vintage styled and antique hotels that strive to bring out the olden style of architecture. French style bungalows and European style resorts display the rough brick exterior. Floors are installed with these in combination with ceramic or porcelain tiles. The red colour of these is coordinated well with earthy colours like brown, yellow, cream or green. Modern spaces longing for a retro look are possible with these. They are simple and classic with similar dimensions of a normal brick.

These are also called as the metro tile in the modern age. They were first used in the underground train stations of Paris. This is the reason behind the name, Metro. These depict ancient designing of the twentieth century and are considered to be icons of decoration. These are also used extensively in the London tube stations. Many colours of these are named after the stations like the ‘waterloo’ – which is actually a citrus orange colour. The Covent Garden is a powder pink tile and the Knightsbridge is royal blue in colour.

Many finishes of this iconic tile are available nowadays. Ceramic and porcelain have influenced the shiny finishes. Matte finish is available for subdued look. The edges can be made smooth for those who do not like the uneven edging. New technologies are used to create them in many attractive and polished finishes for use in homes. The sizes may differ and homeowners can choose the size they require based on the size of the room. These tiles are absolutely easy to clean and do not need a lot of effort to maintain. They are quite economical and hence used to tile large areas without spending much.

Brick tiles are used to create stylish interiors. The new age tile has transformed into a design speciality by mimicking the surfaces of ceramic, glass and other smooth tiles. The combination of modern and vintage is uniquely beautiful. Designers and architects are recommending for homes with an aesthetic sense. Get more ideas about using these from the internet and home improvement magazines.

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