A garage door is a door that is used to cover the garage. They are planned to be big in size as compared to normal doors because they have to allow big vehicles like trucks, vans inside the garage. It can be manually opened or by a opener.
Garage doors are of two types.
1) Residential Insulated Garage Doors Prices
Doors which are used to cover garages in residential places are termed as residential. They are used to providing parking space for private vehicles like motorcycles and cars. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but they are smaller in size as compared to the commercial. They are mostly made of wood, timber and fiberglass.
2) Commercial
Commercial are those which are used in mostly business like stores and automobiles. These are designed to be larger than the residential ones because they have to contain huge vehicles. Steel is the most common material used to construct these types of, but galvanized aluminum, wood and fiber glass is also utilized. Commercial provides limited designs and colors for you to choose from as their main purpose is for practical use rather than to beautify your surroundings.
Different Types
There are many types of doors depending on their purpose and material. Few of them are mentioned below:
1) Roller
2) Side Hinged
3) Single Panel
4) Sectional Garage Door Opens A Little Then Stops
Repair and Maintenance
Bad weather and other conditions can affect a door badly and will require regular maintenance. A door may seem simple, but having good number of components will increase its complexity. One common issue which arises if you are having is that it may become hard to lower or lift. This can be a simple problem or something serious.
If your door is joined to an electric opener then you should disconnect it by releasing the lever and try it manually. If it works fine than the problem is with your opener and you should consult a professional.
Spring tension of the door may start having problems if your door becomes heavy to lift. The springs become dangerous to adjust by yourself cause of the great tension that is applied over them. You should avoid working on them and call a professional door contractor.

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