The word patio came originally from Spanish. It meant “back garden” or “back yard.” Anymore it is a reference to a covered area attached to the back of a house. The more decorative patios are covered by a garden feature known as a pergola. Covering a patio with a pergola is a very stylish decoration Maintaining Garage Door Opener that creates a delightful area which is more than just a place to have a barbeque, but also a place that can be used for both entertaining as well as quiet evenings spent watching the sun set. Pergolas and patios are lovely additions no matter what the size of the home they are attached to.
Patios were traditionally used as a place to receive guests by Spanish families in the warmer temperatures common in both Spain as well as the Latin culture that emigrated to south, north, and central America. Large families or even whole neighborhoods would host fiestas that would last long into the night. It was tradition for almost every holiday to entail a feast in which anyone and everyone was invited. The patio provided a place to stage such an event for so many people. The combination of pergolas and patios may very well have originated with these fiestas.
Pergolas are latticework or a grid type covering that helps to partially enclose a walkway, passageway, or breezeway. They are supported by columns that hold the loose structure above the ground. They are often decorated with vines or other forms of flora in order to provide an area that is open to the air, aesthetically pleasing, but also diffuses the glare of direct sunlight. The invention of the pergola dates back to late medieval and early renaissance periods, as architecture ceased to favor the fortifications that marked the feudal area, and began embracing a style of beauty rather than function.
Patios and pergolas are especially useful for individuals that want an attractive way to both decorate their yard as well as provide an extended social meeting place. They come in a multitude of styles; using weather treated woods or wrought iron decorated with whatever plants or flowers are indigenous to the area. They are especially useful in warmer climates in which the heat and humidity both make time spent indoors uncomfortable, as well as create gorgeous blooms and naturally climbing plants that can endure with a minimum of supervision. They can even be made of brick or stone, but those materials often limit the airy feel, and are preferable in cooler climates.
Like gazebos or other yard decorations, patios and pergolas are appealing ways to add character to a yard or garden area. They can bring an orderly solution for entertainers or an accoutrement to a home. They’re useful on large estates or ranches that want the function of Garage Door Insulation Bottom Seal walkways without sacrificing the appeal. Outdoor commercial enterprises benefit from these items as well as private homeowners in that they can give tours to local politicians or potential investors without their operation appearing unnecessarily stark or industrial.

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