My Garage Won’t Open, Now What?

Your alarm clock goes off telling you its time to get up for work, but today your especially tired so you tell yourself just 10 more minutes of rest. Forty five minutes later you jump out of bed realizing you running late for work. You quickly shower and get dress. You run to the garage and press the wall button but the garage door won’t open. Its stuck closed and you and your car are trapped inside. If you don’t leave in the next 10 minutes you are going to be late, for the third time in the past month.
So what should you do? Do you call a repair technician? Well not just yet. There are some things you can check Mice Garage Door first before you decide your going to have to call and wait for a repair technician to get to your.
The first thing to check is your wall control button. You will probably find this in one of two places. Either right next to the door entering into your house, or right next to the garage door itself. You will now you have the correct button because it is the square or rectangular wall unit with three buttons on it. These buttons are the open/close How To Insulate A Wood Garage Door button (which is usually the biggest), the second is the light button, and the final is the lock button. As far as we are concerned, we need to look at the lock button. If it is blinking this means it is active and your door will not open. If you hold it down until it stops blinking you will deactivate it and you can go on your way to work.
If that didn’t work, it could be that your remote is out of batteries. If you replace the batter in your remote by popping it open with a screw driving and putting it in, this could fix your problem. You just need to reprogram the remote (which your instruction manual shows you how to do) and you could be on your way.
If that doesn’t work there is one more option. Those are the safety eyes at the bottom of each sides of the door. These eyes send a beam to each other to make sure nothing is in the way. If they are hit and knocked out of alignment, the door won’t open or close. Make sure they are lined up (the lights will light up when they are) and there is nothing in the way like cobwebs or some leaves.
Chances are one of these things will fix your problem and you will be on your way to work in no time!

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