The main requirement for the double carport is having enough space in order to build it. Double carports are an affordable luxury if you wish to protect your cars from the elements and make it a little less enticing for thieves to break into your vehicles. It is a shelter that does not quite give the solid protection offered by a closed in garage, yet it does not leave your car vulnerable out in the open.
Most people choose a large carport that is either free standing or attached to the house. Double carport plans are typically determined both by the amount of space available for installing the carport and the size of the Soft Sided Garage vehicles you will be storing beneath the carport shelter. Double carport dimensions are 18 x 18 x 6 for standard shelters, but can be as big as 20 x 21 x 6 to accommodate oversized cars and sports utility vehicles.
Double carport kits can be a little more versatile than standard single carports. Some come with end caps, taller legs for added vehicle height, side panels and bonus storage rooms to lock up tools and other personal items.
Many carport dealers or manufacturers are also willing to do modifications that allow you to make a customized shelter to fit your precise needs. Some buyers, for example, elect to have freestanding enclosed steel garages as a carport. This gives all the safety of a traditional garage that is part of a house – except it is not attached.
Carport kits also give you the choice of different materials. The roofs, for example, are made of a wood frame with a metal covering most of the time. The sturdiest materials for carports are aluminum and steel, Liftmaster Door Won T Close but if you are on a budget, they can be cost prohibitive. You should always check to make sure your carport obeys the building requirements or your community or neighborhood covenant before you purchase it.

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