On a basic level, all carports roughly have the same design: a steel frame with a top. Beyond this basic composition, however, certain carport models match specific storage needs, while others fall short. Nevertheless, as you shop around for carports, two basic types become prevalent: a fully-steel metal model and a steel and polyethylene option. Which one suits your needs better?
Of course, each home or business owner’s needs vary. Some simply want effective protection against the elements for a car, while others Garage Guru San Antonio expect full coverage for long-term storage. When it comes down to standard versus steel, which matches your expectations better?
Longevity. Metal, in this case, has the upper hand. While certain standard carports are strong, the steel always outlasts the polyethylene cover. Fully-metal carports, on the other hand, are made out of galvanized Cost Of Garage Door Tune Up steel, a zinc and steel alloy that effectively guards against the elements while staying strong at the same time. The strength extends to the roof. Such a carport typically has a 20-year lifespan.
Strength. Metal, again, has the advantage. When it comes to all-around durability, the roof of a metal carport won’t take on a threadbare appearance in five years. Although brands and retailers offer replacement covers, with the precise size and shape for the frame, this is not an issue for a fully-steel carport.
Storage. Standard enclosed carports offer an economical solution. Surrounding all sides and the front, the polyethylene cover is treated to be UV resistant, waterproof, mildew resistant, and rot proof. In the process, the cover fully blocks out all elements and does not seal moisture inside. Your investment, be it a car or equipment, remains in good condition in the process.
Everyday Use. Is a car regularly being kept underneath a carport? Metal carports almost always have a valance style. The shape combined with the strength results in a protective structure that may even last longer than your vehicle.
Modifications. Say, down the line, you’re considering changing that valance carport into an enclosed structure. What options do you have? From enclosure kits to replacement covers, standard carports are presented with greater variety. Although kits exist to enclose metal carports, they offer fewer options and only offer partial enclosure.
Ultimately, although metal carports generally are stronger and standard structures are better to modify, the decision comes down to the buyer’s needs, be it temporary, everyday, or long-term shelter or storage of one or more investments.

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