On a bright Sunday morning you took your car out from the garage door looking ahead to an exciting ride. A ride that can erase all your sour memories of the last weekend when you were stuck with the garage door repair. Now you wish to enjoy your weekend. But half way down the road, you realize that the brakes have failed. This scenario is not completely out of question. Most of the times, brake failure can give you a really terrifying and dangerous experience no matter where it occurs.
Although brakes do not fail that often, a driver should still be prepared in case it occurs. You can take heed of a couple of these safety measures to control your car if the brakes go out.
• The most important thing is that you should not panic when the brakes fail. This will help you focus and tackle the situation wisely.
• Next, take your foot off the gas pedal, and if the cruise control is still on, then turn it off.
• Try to feel the brake pedal to understand the actual cause of the problem. If it feels soft and goes to the floor, then perhaps Garage Door Will Not Stay Closed Cold Weather you have low fluid or a faulty master cylinder. In this case, you can rebuild some braking pressure by pumping the brakes.
• So the next step is to pump the brakes several times so that sufficient pressure builds up in the braking system and the car is brought to a halt. Although this may take a while, do not lose hope and keep trying.
• If your car was in a higher gear when you found out that the brakes have failed, then try to shift into a lower gear immediately. In case of a manual transmission car, downshift quickly.
• Never forget to use the emergency brake in such a situation. This brake is usually capable of stopping a vehicle completely. In case of brake failure, it takes a little longer than usual to come to a stop with the parking brake, but the car surely stops after a while. Remember to never apply the parking brakes when the car is in too much speed. This can possibly turn your car over because this brake is only capable of stopping the rear wheels. It is best to use this brake after shifting the car in lower gears.
• While you are taking all these measures, also keep your eyes on the road and continue to steer consciously. Avoid going in areas where there is heavy traffic, pedestrians or some dangerous obstacles.
• In case you land in a heavy traffic region, then warn other drivers and pedestrians by turning your hazard lights on. Plus, you can even honk your horns to tell others that there is a problem.
• If it is not possible for you to bring the car to a halt, then look for a safe spot to pull over.
With all these tips in mind, you also need to Best Garage Door Insulation For Hot Climates remain fully alert when the car brakes fail.

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