Laying Ceramic Floor Tiles In Three Easy Steps

Searching for a home improvement project that you can do on your own? Search no further. Begin with laying ceramic floor tiles. It is a relatively easy project that gives you the freedom to express yourself with color and style. With these three easy steps you can create a new look in any room of the house. Not only is laying ceramic floor tiles an easy remodel, it gives you an easy to clean floor surface. Don’t spend time shampooing carpets when you could easily wipe up ceramic floor tile. Create your own look with laying ceramic floor tiles in these easy steps.

Step one – after measuring your room and prepping your floor surface for tile work, spread the tile cement in a A� inch layer on A� of your floor surface. Allow the cement to set for 15 minutes, or until tacky to the touch of a finger. Laying before this time will ruin the cement.

Step two – starting at the center of the floor place the first tile square with the lines you have previously marked. Remember when laying ceramic floor tiles, if your first tile is wrong all of the others will be as well. Be sure to place tile separators between each tile to keep the appropriate distance for the grout necessary for properly laying.

Step three – alternate on sides of the center tile and continue laying ceramic floor tiles all the way to the wall. Place your cut tiles in the correct position against the wall in the row that they belong. Continue this step until you have completed laying them.

With those three easy steps you should have become successful in laying floor tiles. If for some reason these steps are still intimidating to you there is also another solution. Floor tiles are now created with adhesive already on the back. This eliminates the need for cement and the wait time. This is a tile that you can use immediately. Unfortunately this isn’t available for laying ceramic floor tiles. The tiles that come with an adhesive backing are synthetic and will provide a different look than actually laying them.

Although laying them seems simple it does have a series of steps that you must go through prior to attaining these final three. The removal of old floor covering is necessary before laying them, as well as removing any cabinetry that may be on the floor. Some floors require leveling and others require total replacement. There are always professionals available if you find yourself unable to complete a project. Remember that any part of laying them that you are able to complete on your own is one less item you must pay to have done. So if you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to continue don’t be disappointed, instead look at the bright side and cheer for the money that you saved by starting the project of laying ceramic floor tiles.

In the end you are still creating a beautiful detail that makes your house your home by laying ceramic floor tiles no matter who does the work.

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