Never in a million years would I ever say that discrimination should be accepted – but on the flip side of that coin, ask yourself, “Would you just let any stranger into your home?”
Don’t answer this question based on race, religion, gender, etc. I want you to consider this question the gatekeeper to the sanctuary of your home. You know, the place where you and your family sleep and the shelter of your most valued possessions. Is the welcome mat on your doorstep available to anyone who comes knocking? Of course not! But here is the M. Night Shyamalan twist. What if you indirectly invited a stranger to your home?
Before you start getting creeped out, tell me if this sounds familiar:
You’re online looking for garage door repair. A bunch of places come up, but you have no idea which one to call. You ask yourself – Who is reasonably priced? Who can take care of my situation today?
All standard questions, but have you ever asked yourself – Who is this company? What are other customers saying about Portable Carport Costco them? What kind of people do they have working for them? Who are these strangers they are sending to my home?
Is you’re brain ticking yet?, I’ve got another one for you – this one is for the ladies:
You call Joe Schmoe repair guy and get an appointment. You tell your husband or boyfriend or male counter-part not to bother taking a day off because you’ll be home anyway. You’re alone with your kids when a junk-box of a van pulls into your driveway and out comes the “repair man” who looks just like that psycho they were chasing on Law and Order last Tuesday. Do you really want to open your door and let him into your home? Hell-to-the-NO!!!! But will you?… OF COURSE, because you need that “thing” fixed. And because you indirectly invited him when you set up that appointment with his company. You asked them to send him to solve your problem. You just can’t call up and say “Nope, send someone else. I don’t like the way this guy looks.”
So, how are you feeling? Go run this story by your the man of the house. See how he feels about it. Go ahead. I’ll wait….
I bet he said, he’d never let you do that? think back to how many times he already has. Plumber? Exterminator? Cable TV installation? list goes on.
Now if you’re a male chewing on this – think about how you felt when you had this ‘suspect’ in your home? Did you let him do his job without you keeping him in eye’s distance? The same gut check applies.
So why do I bring this up? Because I urge you, the future victim, to take the extra time in finding out who you are doing business with. I wouldn’t give you advice that I wouldn’t take myself. That’s why I’ve implemented a review section on my website for customers to rate their experience in doing business with us. I want people to read what their neighbors have to say. I also offer a profile page for each and every technician that we employ. This way you already know who we are sending out to your home.
I hate to be the slap of reality, but it’s a nasty world out there. Full of all sorts of sketchy characters, companies and operations. Don’t put yourself or your family in a position to be a victim.
All employees have mandatory background checks and drug screening. Not only do we do the checks, but we make them available for our customers on our Residential Roll Up Garage Doors With Windows website. We have an “open door” policy, and that’s why THEY ARE our customers. We not only earned their business, but we’ve earned their trust.
The next time you need something repaired or installed, what measures will you take before inviting some stranger into your house?

By master