Whenever a person wants to go for camping on any beach, invariably beach tents are preferred over anything else. Kids’ tents are available in different varieties of size and colour. To own a tent now is a liability as it gives us freedom to move where ever we want to without much concerned for the accommodation. The main advantage of kids’ canopy tents is that these are light in weight and highly portable, hence used at a large commercial scale.
Kids Canopy Tents used in beaches can be Weekend Garage Door Repair classified to the following categories:-
Frame Tents: These are easy to install and can be handled by two people only. They are generally framed by steel poles or aluminum. Their main advantage is to provide adequate comfort and spacing facilities.
Dome Tents: These are very light weighted and as the name Garage Door Insulation Blanket suggests are dome shaped which enhances compactness.
Pop up Tents: These are excellent kid’s canopy tents that can be used on beaches; they are uniquely provided with a hub system which helps to install the tent easily. The time required to set up these tents is very less.
Beach Canopy Tents: These tents are basically used for weddings and parties as well as picnics for kids owing to their large size.
Family Tents: These tents can easily accommodate 3 to 4 persons and is made up of durable material whose function is to provide strong support.
Kid’s canopy tents have globalised a lot from what they were originally designed and these days they are available in various designs. The basic difference remains in the design – some are designed as bird’s wings and others as cabanas. Some beach hut represent perfect blend of cabana and beach umbrella. The features specific to canopy tents are:
* Some of the features include, mesh window, Velcro- fastened flaps, fibreglass water proof floors. These are generally made of polyester.
* For storage of various knickknacks for trip some tents are provided with additional pockets for the kids.
* The main factor which ultimately decides which is the best kid’s canopy tent is the quality of sun protection provided. Sun guard ranges vary from SPF -35 to SPF -50 which must be treated cautiously we should always opt for maximum sun guard protection available in our budget.
New horizon to kids canopy tents have come up with junior beach tents, these are basically pop ups made for colourful material which attract attention. If you are in search of a these tent it is advisable to visit .

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