Keeping Your Home Warm In Winter With The Best Fitting Garage Door

Does your garage link directly to the main area of your home? Chances are that it does as in most modern homes today. Unfortunately what so many of us forget about is the amount of energy that we are wasting by letting cold air in through the garage door and warm air out. If you have converted your garage into another room within the home with an adjoining door, then it is most likely that you still have the original and single panel garage port door in place.
Here, you must remember for what purpose the garage door was installed, and the answer here is that it was to close off your garage; it was never meant to become a wall to a new room within your home, and it was not designed with adequate insulation to act as one. Therefore, before winter sets in, you really need to think about how you can solve this problem, therefore keeping down your winter fuel bills.
One cheap and practical solution to this problem is to fit a winter seal to the bottom of your garage entry door, and also round the edges if you can feel air gaps in these areas too. An easy test to do is to run your hand round all the edges of the garage door from the interior Garage Door Replacement Near Me and see if you can feel any cold air seeping in. Applying a seal correctly will stop this unnecessary flow of air, and will also keep your possessions as well as your vehicle a lot cleaner as dirt and grime will not be able to enter the garage area when the door is closed.
But when you are using your garage as an extension to your home, even if you add these winter seals, you will still lose a lot of heat through the actual garage door; single panel garage doors were manufactured for closing off your garage and are not insulated, allowing for a lot of heat to escape; so here you have two more options. The first is to add some insulation to your existing garage door; the second option is to replace your garage door with a double skinned and properly insulated door.
You may thin that it is not possible within your budget to actually replace the entire garage entry way, but the truth is that if you opt for a metal or composite door, with the amount of money you will soon save on heating bills, you are set to save money Clopay Garage Doors after the initial outlay. If you cannot afford to properly insulate your door or replace it, then the best advice you can take is to add a winter seal to your exiting door and to always keep closed the door between your garage and your main home.

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