Investment Dressing for Business: Save Money With Better Quality

Like any other investment, investment dressing relates to how the item performs over time. The longer you are able to wear the garment, the more wears you get, the better the investment. This strategy can work especially well for your business wardrobe. Although it may seem that you are paying more money for your clothing, you are going to be getting a better return on your investment over time. The trick is to spot these smart buys that will help you build an investment wardrobe that you can wear to work for years to come.

Go for Quality Fabrics

Paying more for clothing that is made of better fabric is a smart business decision. In fact, the type of fabric used in your clothes can make all the difference in how good you look and how the garment holds up over time. A cheap polyester suit will look far worse than the exact same design in a light-weight wool. Choose the better fabric and you wonA�t regret it. Real silk, linen and wool are all fabrics that look terrific and will add quality to your investment wardrobe. Blends with a high level content of natural fibers can work well too. Wool blends will be less itchy, linen blends will wrinkle less, and silk blends will usually breathe more.

Look for Timeless Pieces

Although it is great to wear the latest fashions and trends, there is something to be said for the little black dress or the tailored trousers that is appropriate for all occasions. If you look for clothing that has shapes, lines, patterns and colours that aren’t trendy, and details that are minimal – but always look good – you have a winner. This includes pencil skirts, sheath dresses and simple blouses. These are items of clothing that could hold their own in any decade; not for being at the height of fashion, but for their simplicity and quiet class.

Make It All Work Together

The best way to build your investment wardrobe is to plan your entire wardrobe for versatility. With a little planning, a wardrobe capsules consisting of two or three pairs of pants, three to five shirts/blouses, a suit, a nice tailored jacket and for women a couple of skirts, can actually work as a complete business wardrobe. Choose just two or three classic colors in fabrics and styles that all complement each other, and you will be able to mix and match your entire wardrobe, creating dozens of different outfits. Throw in an accessory like a scarf or tie, incorporate some coordinating belts and quality shoes, and you can have even more looks – all with just a few select items.

Investment dressing is smart business dressing. Take a few minutes to plan out your basic business wardrobe and choose a couple of colors to base it on. Then it’s time to go shopping. Stick to the plan, choose high quality items in timeless styles, and at the end of your day you will have a wardrobe that will last you a long time and suit every business occasion.

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