If you are a Utah homeowner who is tired of opening and closing your garage door manually and want to put in an automatic system yourself, or if you are building a house and think you can cut costs by installing your own garage doors, you may want to reconsider: putting in garage doors is not a job for the casual do-it-yourselfer.
Utahans are thrifty people who practice self-reliance as much as possible, but there are some home repair and installation jobs that, for safety reasons, are much better left to Utah garage doors professionals. Here are some of the dangers of putting in these devices that you should be aware of.
Improper Frame
Many DIY homeowners seek to cut costs by using as much of their former equipment as possible. For example, they may assume that the door frame that supported their previous door will be plenty strong to support their new one. Today’s garage doors are substantially Garage Door Hinge Instructions heavier and stronger than their older, more lightweight predecessors: if the frame has too much wear or if it has been damaged in any way, it simply will not be able to support the new door. — Result: The new door may fall, possibly causing injury.
Improper Bracket Attachment When the brackets are attached to the new door, great care must be taken to ensure that they are completely secure due to the huge amounts of stress these brackets will be required to bear. The overhead cables are attached to these brackets, and each time the door goes up and down the stress is relayed directly to them; if the brackets are not installed properly, they will snap away from the door when that stress is exerted. — Result: The door will fall, injuring vehicles or people or both
Improper Track Garage Door Opener Trolley Alignment
Your new door will travel along a track that has been installed on the ceiling. This overhead track will, of course, be expected to support a large weight load from the door. If the two tracks are not perfectly parallel, are not set at exactly the right distance from each other, or are not anchored securely to the ceiling, the tracks will simply not work. — Result: The door will fall, injuring vehicles or people or both
Spring Installation/Adjustment
Garage door springs are the Number One cause of serious injury during installation or repair jobs. Both torsion as well as extension springs are dangerous mechanisms that, when snapped under stress, have the ability to maim and even kill homeowners. Torsion springs, in particular, have an incredible amount of potential energy stored within them: when the release of that energy is uncontrolled the spring will go flying, breaking everything in its path with deadly force. — Result: Severe injury to property or people, and possible death
Utah homeowners who are not seasoned DIY pros would do well to leave these kinds of installations and repairs to Utah garage doors professionals: some home repairs are simply not worth the risk of doing them yourself.

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