Garage door openers are fairly simple and are available in three basic styles to choose from. The first style is the basic metal chain and metal trolley and this one is the cheapest and most common but it is also the loudest style due to the metal on metal operation.
If your carport is located adjoin ant to the living areas or bedroom of the house this style can quickly become a nuisance to hear everyone’s comings and goings and feel the vibrations of the door moving. This problem can be avoided if the homeowner opts to upgrade to the plastic lined trolley which is quieter since it isn’t alloy on metal.
The second style is the screw drive that lifts with a threaded steel rod and is in the mid price range of the three styles. Finally there is the belt drive which has a flexible rubber belt to ensure a quiet system with fewer vibrations. Of course this system is a little bit pricier but overall the budget for any system is not going to break the bank.
Since mandatory safety features were put in place 1993, openers now come with automatic reverse which means if the door begins to come down and touches an object such as a pet, child or your car- it will Garage Door Sputtering automatically reverse itself and go back up. Since the average parking space entrance moves seven inches a second this safety feature has proven to be a much needed mandate to prevent accidents.
Another feature to consider when making your selection is what source of power to use. There are two different power types- AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) with DC generally How To Clean Garage Door more power efficient as well as having the advantage of using a simpler type of mechanism which makes it more reliable and less likely to break down than a more complex power source.
As far as security goes, technology has come a long way from the days of World War Two when the remote control technology to designate bombs found its way into garage doors as openers with the unwanted side effect of not only opening the home owner’s garage entrance but also the neighbor’s.
Today most systems have gone high tech and have been equipped with rolling codes so that the same code is never used twice. This helps to prevent would be thieves from getting access to your code and in turn, your house. Just make sure to keep your car locked if the remote is kept in your car so no one else uses it to open your garage entrance without your knowledge.
Another feature available today that is usually optional is the remote outdoor keypad which can be set to a certain code or even set to use finger print technology which is perfect for latch key kids who forget their house keys. Panels can be as simple as a entrance bell style button or as complex as a panel with the ability to keyboard program and a vacation lock. And finally many of today’s openers even come with a battery backup system in case of a power loss so the garage door can still open and close.

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