Ikea Wardrobes – The Ikea Pax Line

Looking for additional home items? Then you should go to the Ikea store. It is a Swedish company that sells all sorts of home products. Ikea stores are more famous because of their furniture products.

Ikea has a lot to offer when it comes to wardrobes storage. One of the most popular lines of Ikea wardrobes are the Pax products. The price of the product varies depending on its size. It goes from $90 as the smallest and $900 being the largest wardrobe. And you don’t have to worry if it will suit the color of your room as they are available in neutral colors such as white, cream and black.

One of Ikea’s hot selling items is the Mammut wardrobe. The Mammut wardrobe has a unique design as it looks like a doorway going to another room.A� This particular wardrobe is very idealA� for children especially girls, because of its design and color that comes in pink, red and blue. Mammut wardrobe is not so large but its quality is worth the price of $220.

If you plan on getting a small wardrobe storage, you can check Ikea’s Aneboda line of products. There are two Aneboda wardrobes that are currently offered at a very affordable price of $150 each. If you only need a small wardrobe storage, this is a perfect alternative that comes in a sleekA� white design.

Another quality product of Ikea is the Edland wardrobes. If you go for black colored furniture, then this is for you. You can choose from the two different designs available. Although they have the same cost at $799, you can see the variation in the door’s design where one is made of glass while the other is made of wood. You might say it is an expensive acquisition, but considering the excellent quality of wood used, the cost won’t matter anymore.

So far, allA�A� of the mentioned wardrobes have doors in common. But if you are looking for an Ikea wardrobe without doors, then Eina wardrobe is the best option. This kind of wardrobe carry clothes on coat hangers, likewise, you can store other items at the bottom underneath the hangers. It is a great value for your money at $135 with ample storage capacity.

You might ask how you are going to purchase the Ikea pax wardrobe when there’s no Ikea store in your locality. The good thing is that, a lot of online retail stores carry Ikea products as well.A� They give competitive prices for their products considering that they are not well-known stores compared to Ikea. Consequently, you will be saving some amount of money if you make your purchase from these stores.

So before making the final decision on what to buy, check out first with the various online retail stores. Especially if you are buying a wardrobe product that may cost you a lot of money.

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