Once you have made the decision to build a pergola and your budgetary limitations have been established and permissions granted, there are many decisions yet to be made.
Things to be considered when you are building your pergola are positioning, material selection,design and layout and roofing selection.
Some things to consider when looking into the positioning of your pergola on your property are;
Aesthetics – does it look good with your home, in the context of the property?
Purpose – what do you want to use it for, BBQs, parties, pool-side entertaining or privacy?
Logistics – where is the best and most logical place to build your pergola? Should it have interior access?
Ambience – do you have a favourite tree or spot in the garden where the light or aspect is ideal?
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Another one of those decisions that is limited by your budget, don’t let the material selection dictate your style. With technological advancements and developments in manufacturing, there are so many options for materials that will suit all types of budgets. You can have metal that looks like wood, and plastic that looks like metal. You can achieve the finish and style of timber using the latest composite material. Be sure to explore all the options, keeping in mind the durability and the maintenance requirements. Spending more in the outset, might save you in the long run.
The type of design you pick for your pergola should complement the tone and style of your house. An old fashioned timber frame pergola will add a rustic and old-world finish to your bungalow or cottage and a sleek, contemporary sundeck will be the finishing touch on your new villa or home. What ever you choose will reflect the personality of your family, your lifestyle and the character of your home.
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If you have the opportunity to select a layout for your pergola or veranda, the most important thing to consider is the purpose of the out door area. Will you be entertaining friends and family? If so, you might need enough floor space for a large outdoor table and chair set and plenty of room to move. Do you have small children or pets? Then think about having plenty of space for bike riding and ball games. Or perhaps you just want the freedom to bbq in the rain. If that is your only consideration, then a smaller area, beside the kitchen with plenty of air flow is what you need. The whole reason we intall pergolas and verandas is to improve and enhance our lifestyles.
Although roof choice might not seem to be a big decision, there are quite a few types to choose from. There are flat, gabled, curved and slanted roof styles. They can be fixed or retractable, made of corrugated metal, plastic or clear. Perhaps you might prefer a shade cloth or even nothing at all. In a simple timber framed pergola, a clear or tinted PVC might be an economic and subtle choice. For a heritage room or veranda, a classic corrugated metal in grey or green might be more suitable. To allow maximum enjoyment of sunshine and shade, retractable roofing might be something you can afford, or perhaps a simple shade cloth might be adequate for your requirements.
These are just a few of the ideas and tips to keep in mind when designing and building your veranda or pergola.

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