How To Shop For Lunaire Bras

If you’re looking for some new lingerie, definitely consider high-quality Lunaire brassieres with underwire support. These bras, which are made in cup sizes C through DDD, are as enjoyable to look at as they are to wear. Both the titular Lunaire line, and its new “Whimsy” collection (which are Lunaire bras with youthful, colorful styling) are fantastic additions to any lingerie wardrobe.

If you favor sexy, lacy bras, consider the traditional Lunaire collection. Each of these bras features lacy edging and a nude cup lining with a sheer overlay, creating the impression of lacy, transparent fabric, but with much more strength to support heavy, large breasts. This is truly the best of both worlds; buxom women are no longer confined to opaque cups. However, women who enjoy the look of molded, opaque cups will find what they’re looking for in the Whimsy collection.

Lunaire bras with a translucent appearance accomplish this feat through two tricks. First is the multi-layered construction; the nude inner layer of fabric is extremely strong, and it is this layer that bears the bulk of the weight of each breast. The sheerer outer layer is easy on the eyes, but is not at risk of ripping or tears because it is not load-bearing. The other aspect of Lunaire’s design that is crucial to the strength of these seemingly delicate garments is the design of the cups; rather than one-piece cups, Lunaire’s cups are sewn in either two or three pieces of fabric, depending on the specific style in question. This multi-piece construction strengthens the cups, and also helps shape each breast to provide a rounded, youthful, firm, high appearance. One of the greatest aesthetic pitfalls of many other plus-sized or large-cup bras is the lack of shaping they provide; this results in a flat, saggy, “pancake” silhouette beneath clothes that is not flattering on anybody.

Before purchasing any of these Lunaire bras with extended sizing, be extremely sure that you are purchasing your undergarment in the correct size. This point cannot be emphasized enough; the finest bras in the world cannot do the job they were designed for if you’ve purchased them in the wrong size. Home self-measuring techniques for very buxom women tend to be wildly inaccurate; before spending money on new bras, treat yourself to a free professional measuring. This is a service that is almost always free, and any associate in a lingerie boutique or the lingerie department of a department store will be able to accurately measure you in only a few moments; no disrobing is required, and your modesty will always be preserved.

Lunaire bras with extended sizes are the answer to the prayers of many women who wear cup sizes C through DDD. Treat yourself to their free online catalog today, where you can view both the Lunaire and Whimsy collections (complete with matching panties for each bra style) in their entirety. Lunaire bras and panties are sold by reputable vendors throughout the country, as well as by several prestigious Internet websites. Your lingerie drawer will never be the same!

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