These days, most garages have automatic garage door openers which allow the garage door to open and close without manual intervention. They can even turn the lights of the garage room just by pressing a button on the opener remote. Needless to say, automatic openers are truly very convenient, but just suppose what will happen if nothing happens when you push the button! You will be in a real emergency then.
Suppose this happens just when you are hurrying out to somewhere urgently. What can be done in this situation? First try to assess the situation. Check if the power went off or is still available. Check the area for any possible blockage in the path of the door opener. May be something is fallen in Garage Door Top Seal its path or the belt or chain on the door might be full of debris. Also, check the door opening mechanism for debris. The last thing you should check is the battery in your door opener. Is it weak? Will you need a new one? Once these preliminary checking are over, try to open the garage door again.
Suppose it still won’t open or you have no electricity. If this is the case it is better to open it manually and bypass the garage door opener unit. Park Smart Garage Wall Guard Remember, you have one more area to check. You need to check on the outside of the door just to make sure there is nothing blocking that area.
Once all these checking are done with you can be sure that there is some serious problem with your garage door and you won’t be able to fix it quickly. A better option then will be to disconnect the door opener. After you unplug the opener, pull the emergency cord provided with the automatic door opener and open your garage door manually from the bottom of the door. Make sure you lift the door straight up until it is completely open and in the correct place.
Now, you can leave the garage after pulling down the door. Remember to lock the door manually before you leave as your opener is not connected to the door now. Also remember to unlock the door before using opener again. These are a few things you can try for yourself before calling in a door mechanic to find out what the problem may be. Make sure that there is nothing wrong with the power before you call him for help.

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