It’s important that you measure your garage opening correctly How Do You Fix A Garage Door That Won T Close before purchasing a Clopay door for your garage.
The first step to measuring your garage door is to measure the width and height of the door opening in feet and in inches. This will size up the garage door size that you will need for the installation Garage Door Torsion Spring Color Code of the unit. The rough measurement of the opening should be the same size as the door that you are going to install or have installed for you by a professional or expert service.
The next step is to measure for side-room. 3-3/4″ is required for each side for installation of the vertical track for regular extension springs. Regular torsion springs and the EZ-SET Torsion Spring System; 5-1/2″ for EZ-SET Extension Spring Setup.
Step three is to measure the headroom area. This is the distance between the top of the door opening (also known as the jamb header) and the ceiling or floor floor joist. Ten inches is required for the regular extension spring door or EZ-Set type of extension spring system. Twelve inches is required for the regular torsion spring set system or EZ-Set system. Unique hardware is available is you have confined headroom area. More headroom will be needed for the installation of an automatic opener model. If the height goes beyond the opening, you’ll need to adjust the measurement for the headroom to the right proportion.
The last step is to measure the backroom area. This is measured from the garage door opening in the back wall of the garage. Eighteen inches plus the height of the door is necessary. More back room could be needed for an automatic opener.

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