Carports are for housing a car and for protection against weather agents. The developers usually provide a parking space for about two cars. This are usually about twenty feet square. This area maybe located at front, side or back of the compound from a driveway. The conventional garage is being replace by the new technology of detaching it from the main house. This carports involve open sheds that also act as sitting areas when the cars are moved down a driveway when there is need.
The open carport can be constructed in various ways. This materials may include using translucent sheets, canvas, nets or polythene mesh. Different shapes or designs can be constructed to provide the required shade without obstructing How Many Satchels For Sheet Metal Door movement in the parking. It is important to check with the local authorities if any planning permissions are required. The shapes which can be formed maybe triangular, circular, rectangular or regular polygons of the desired material.
The carport is first measured out within the parking provided. The cantilever or canopy shed allows free movement within the parking. This is hung from two or more posts with arms stretched into the parking. The height of the posts is about seven to ten feet high. The three posts are circular in shape. When erecting for a twenty feet wide car park four posts are erected at five feet spacing. This are fixed on the outside of the parking kerb about half a foot away.
The posts are excavated for about two feet feet deep into the ground. This are then fixed with a concrete surround and allowed to dry for there days. After this, arms or cross bars are welded or bolted to the posts. This arms are spread into the parking about fifteen feet. The center two Garage Door Parts San Antonio posts are slightly raised by half a foot to provide a fall. The canvas is then mounted on top of the framework. A canvas protector is then painted on top due to weather. the posts are also painted a desired color. The carport is then ready for use and lighting can be added for night use.

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