A garage door opener is a motorized unit structured to open or close a garage door with the use of a remote controller device. It enhances your safety and at the same time enables you to open the garage door without having to get out of your door to open it.
However, we cannot deny the fact that there are certain moments when we encounter problems in its operation like difficulty in opening the door and so many more.
So if this happens, how can we determine exactly what went wrong with the door opener? Here are some of the most common problems being faced by some homeowners.
Possible solutions have also been provided to help you trouble shoot your door opener.
1. The door opener cannot function with the use of a remote control or the wall switch. The reason could be that the motor unit is not plugged in properly. Check also the circuit breaker as well as the fuse as this may cause the door opener not to function appropriately. Another possible solution to this problem is that the antenna on the motor unit is outside the opener housing. There’s also a need to replace the battery of the remote controller for insufficient power supply and likewise to reprogram the remote control.
2. The door opener may raise the door yet, cannot close the door totally.
3. Once the door cannot be closed, it needs some adjustments Garage Door Opener Install Kit to be made in the close limit switch.
4. Try to look also for some foreign elements and remove it because this can cause the reversing of the door.
5. The garage doorway opens but Garage Door Balance the motor couldn’t stop to run.
6. This opener has a difficulty in working. If the opener works very hard, could it be that there is an increase in the spring tension or the spring is too hard that it needs to be fixed or to be changed. In as much as garage door opener is run by a motor and controlled by an electronic device, this should not be taken for granted.
If there’s a problem arising from the door opener, consult it from a professional mechanic. In this way, the system can be examined to ensure that the opener works very smoothly and maintains its safety features. There should be a regular inspection of the door, the tracks and the openers chain or drive such that any obstructions or foreign articles will not hinder the operation of the door. In this way you can be assured of your safety and security of your garage port door.

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