Remember, a garage door is in all probability the largest moving part of your house. Some of them even weigh about several hundred pounds. Replacement costs are also very high, especially when you need a new opener too. This article discusses the top five things which will certainly enhance the lifetime of our garage door.
1. Get Professional Service:
Make sure a professional arrive at your garage to perform a few simple maintenance jobs on your garage door least once in a year. It is going to cost you less than a hundred dollars to him adjust both the spring system and the opener if needed. Apart from maintaining the opener and spring system of the garage door in good condition, such a service will check for any possible wear and tear, also. Some companies also have various service plans, which can be much more cost-effective.
2. Lubricate:
Applying some aerosol spray on the touching parts will be very useful. Not only will it reduce the wear and tear, but also will make everything less noisy. Give attention to the rollers, tracks, hinges, etc. Also, while lubricating give everything a quick check to confirm no cables are threadbare and nothing is loose.
3. Know Your Garage Door Maintenance Opener:
Garage door openers are quite simple mechanisms. They generally don’t require much maintenance. Some openers require tightening the belt or chain once in a while. Check the manual for detailed maintenance procedures and lubrication Garage Door Spring Safety of openers. A parameter called force setting of the motor determines how much force is applied to move the door up and down. Ensure that it’s set to a good value as this will affect how safely the door operates.
4. Keep It Clean:
Even though pretty basic, people often neglect this part and let lots of dust accumulate on the door parts which in fact leads to many major problems in the future. Also make sure the lenses of safety sensors are clean and free of any spider web.
5. Keep It Painted:
If you are using wood for your garage door allays keep it sealed and painted against the elements. This will protect the wood not only from rotting but also from other insect related damages which form a common reason for repairs. Protect the bottom section more strongly as it’s the easiest afflicted part.
Even though these steps may seem quite a lot to follow, don’t forget that if you follow these steps religiously it can save you both time and money. Costs associated with maintaining a garage gate are very little when compared the huge amount one should spend for replacing them.

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