How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe

As I emerge into my thirties, I’m starting to wonder if I need to re-think my strategy for how to create the perfect wardrobe. As I gaze at cupboards stuffed with clothes, I can’t help but feel that I have nothing to wear. In desperation, I’ve come up with a solution that is all about simplicity and common sense. Here are some ideas for creating the perfect wardrobe on a budget…

Out with the old!

Go through your wardrobe and throw out anything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit you. We tend to hang on to things in the hope that one day they will, but there’s absolutely nothing more demoralizing than having a cupboard full of clothes you can’t wear.

Five well-planned outfits

Look through what’s left over. The aim is to create five different ensembles to cover each of the various occasions in your life. These outfits can be interchangeable and should work with each other. If you find that you can’t work with what you’ve got, then it’s about time you went shopping.


Have a basic wardrobe of luxury lingerie and swimwear for all sorts of activities. Also try using a well-fitted corset to help hide your flaws. As long as it’s not noticeable to the naked eye, it can do wonders to improve your look.

Stick to a plan

When you’re shopping avoid impulsive purchases. Even if an individual garment is divine, if it doesn’t go with the rest of your wardrobe, it’s probably not a good idea.

Good quality

Quality should always take precedence over quantity. In the long run you’ll save money by buying clothes that are made of good quality and natural fibres.


Choose the right colours for your hair colour and skin tone. Simplicity is paramount. Never combine three or more colours, unless two of them are neutrals, white or black. Colour can be as provocative as perfume when used wisely.

An elegant coat

If you live in a cold climate and your budget can stretch that far, try to buy a coat from a fabulous store. This is an item that will come in handy on most occasions.

Accessories and jewellery

Be original and add quality accessories to your wardrobe including a simple handbag, umbrella and a few accessories paired off in twos.

The idea is to create a skeleton wardrobe that covers all the bases and allows you to best express your individuality. This takes objectivity and experimentation, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time!

By master