As you probably already know, garage doors now come in a range of styles and are made from a variety of materials. If you’re looking for a new one, it is wise to consider not just the design, but also the material/s it is made from. This article examines some of the prospective materials and their respective pros and cons.
Steel Garage Doors
If you have already done some research into doors, you’ll know that the most common material is steel. Steel types can be found in a range of styles and can suit both traditional and contemporary homes. The principal Commercial Overhead Door Parts Diagram attraction of steel doors is that they are extremely hardy and do not need any annual maintenance. Moreover, they can be made from recycled steel or be recycled, so they are an environmentally friendly option.
When purchasing steel doors, it is often possible to choose the finish. In other words, you may choose a primed door that can be painted after purchase, a ready-painted from a range of standard colors, or a painted with the specific color of your choice.
Steel garage doors are tough and relatively cheap. However, if you live in a coastal location, it is important to clean a steel door regularly to prevent salt corrosion.
Timber Garage Doors
If you hanker for a more traditional door, you may be interested in a timber construction. Of course, timber doors can be made from a range of wood. However, they are typically made from cedar or a cedar/marine plywood. More expensive doors can be made from superior timbers, such as teak, chestnut or oak.
Like steel doors, timber garage doors can be purchased in a range of styles. It is worth remembering, however, that while timber types are extremely attractive, they require more maintenance than steel types. A timber door will need to be stained annually to prevent rotting and/or warping.
Fiberglass Garage Doors
If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then a fiberglass door may be just what you’re searching for. Fiberglass doors have the benefit of being low-maintenance, but can offer the appearance of a stained timber door. Moreover, fiberglass is a durable material, which has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel.
Fiberglass doors will need no more than a quick wipe to maintain their appearance. However, fiberglass, or glass reinforced polyester, comes in a variety of qualities (according to how many layers the material is made from).
When considering the material for a door, it is important to consider two things. First, the cost of the door. And second, the amount of maintenance Garage Door Seal Bead Style that will be required. If your choice of door fulfills these requirements, you are bound to have found the right garage door for you.

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